BMPOOL is configured with a pool cost of 340 ada per epoch and pool margin of 4%. This to cover the costs for running the Cardano stake pool BMPOOL and for making a profit to guarantee continuity of BMPOOL on the long run. The pool cost are put in a Treasury wallet for future investments. The costs for running the pool and for charity are paid from the pool earnings (pool margin). Below you find an overview of the investments done for the configuration of BMPOOL and of the operational costs (excluding working hours). Also the expenditures for charity are included in the overview.

Investments 2021

Item Price (euro)
HP Microservers
DrayTek Hardware Firewalls
Netgear routers and switches
Second fiber line realization

The realization of the second fiber line is not depreciated (one time investment). The other hardware is depreciated in five years.

Item Costs per month (euro)
Fiber connection 1 €40
Fiber connection 2 €40
Domainname, website and VPS €45
Depreciation hardware €89
Total €214


Item Expenditure per month (euro)
Stichting Hulphond Nederland €20
Hulp voor helden €25
Total €45