Welcome to BM pool


Crypto is the future!

Just like color television, mobile phones and the internet, we expect that cryptocurrencies will soon become an integral part of our society. The technology and possibilities are endless.


Bm pool is a Dutch Cardano stake pool. Through our pool you can build passive income by delegating the digital cryptocurrency Cardano Ada to our pool. Every 5 days you get a reward for this in the form of coins (adas).


We aim to contribute to a better future for the new generation where people can decide for themselves about their financial resources.


We want to achieve this by cooperating with the decentralization of blockchain technology, asset protection and supporting charities.


We are part of Cardano SPA single pool alliance, to participate in the decentralization of Cardano. link to website


Do you also want to participate in this and experience all the benefits? Then delegate your cardano ADAS to BM pool.


If you are new to the crypto world and want to know how this works, click on the link below: How does it work? Link to website


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